Each year around 25 post-graduate (BArch) architecture students are supported in developing collaborative projects which examine the potential of architecture and urban design to affect issues of social equality.

The BArch course lasts two years and follows a three year Degree in architecture (BA) and a year in practice. The students are therefore referred to as 5th and 6th years and generally develop design methodologies and research in the 5th year, before producing more resolved building proposals in the 6th year.

6th year projects in 2010/11 included:

  • Bringing the next G20 summit to Manchester - using the massive policing budgets more constructively (Mark Hammond).
  • Seeking support from the Co-op for safe routes out of prostitution in Angel Meadows (Debbie Loveday).
  • Promoting collaboration between the creative industries and job centres in Ardwick (Luke Green).
  • Engaging the citizens of Oldham in re-imagining and saving their dilapidated town hall and civic centre (Kim Medley).
  • Recycling Manchester City Centre's half-developed sites as sites for recycling and community involvement (Lucy Flintoff).
  • Using squatting as a positive path out of homelessness (Toby Ingle).
  • Helping destitute asylum seekers become active citizens (Chido Furusa).
  • Investigating 'iStore' bottom-up urban planning in East Manchester (James Mitchell).
  • Asking if the trend for computational design is an old modernism in a new coat (Richard Tubb).
  • Using science-fiction film architecture to imagine an unrestrained 2070 Manchester (Luke Moore).
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