My Review of the Year

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6th Year
Aged 24
Student Biography:
My name is Joseph Knowles, I am 24 and originally from Gomersal, a small town in West Yorkshire. I moved to Manchester 5 years ago to complete my BA in architecture, returning to complete my BArch due to my love of the city and the unique culture it boasts. My studies this year have orientated around the idea of the counter-culture and providing alternative spaces for individuals whose interests lay outside of the perceived 'norm', enveloping the programme into the fabric of the city. The studio's emphasis on building working relationships with individuals outside of the university setting has been particularly influential, encouraging me to work in an affective way, with public consultation now a driving factor behind any design tactic made. I completed my part 1 in a small firm in Huddersfield, where I worked mainly on small-scale residential projects. Having recently had my first small project built, (a bridge) I am eager and excited to continue my architectural career.
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