My Review of the Year

An urban growing revolution is needed. The production and transportation of food accounts for 33% of the UK's total emissions. The building industry has the ability to influence 47% of the UK's total CO2 emissions. Through an urban agricultural focus it is possible to create socially, economically and environmentally sustainable architecture. The Food City project expands upon the previously developed City Growing Toolkit and explores the potential for socially enriching urban agriculture on a much larger scale of engagement and production: progressing from windowsill starter kits, community plots and allotment growing, to the mass production of food within the city boundary to feed entire neighbourhoods and wards. Based within Manchester, I have developed my body of urban agricultural research under a social sustainability ethos, culminating in a detailed building proposal. My final studio portfolio acts as a vehicle for demonstrating this work (available on request). I launched a website - - in 2010 as a way of publicising my studio work and live projects, and to enable participants to follow the progress of their projects. Project Proposal: The utilisation of urban agriculture on brownfield sites as a tool for regeneration in Miles Platting and Newton Heath. Building Proposal: A mixed use development focused around a flexible market space, acting as the focal point of a ward-wide agricultural programme.


6th Year
Aged 24
Student Biography:
Architecture can provide provisional solutions to existing social and spatial problems. It is through the divulsion of power that these solutions are reached, where emphasis is placed upon a fluid dialogic process rather than a utopian end product. Working to this ethos, I have spent the last year studying at the MSA in Manchester, following on from a previous year in practice in Tunbridge Wells and three (colder) years studying at Newcastle University. For the last two years I have also worked as a freelance graphic designer, producing brochures, advertisements, videos and technical guides for a wide range of clients. To keep my sanity I actively partake in physical challenges in the name of fundraising, with Kilimanjaro climbed last year and my sights set on Mont Blanc for 2011. As my studies progress I hope to expand upon the projects instigated this year, thus enriching my architectural education.
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