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Looking at ways of involving the local community of the Northern Quarter, and how we can incorporate "Paint your City" and involvement in the cultural offer in the area. "Paint your City" event was held in the Northern Quarter, asking passers to "draw what you would like to see in the Northern Quarter", in order to get people to visually express what they would like to see and improve in the area. By allowing people to paint and draw what they wanted to see, the images and colours opened up interesting and conversations with others, allowing individuals to express their feelings about the area. The images, comments and conversions engaged with the public and their opinion of the area, giving the project a direction that responded to what was needed and what the pubic wanted to see in the area. The main issues raised included the need for benches, green space, and the area to be "safer", cleaner and brightened up. Although many of the comments could be related to cities across Britain, taking aspects of what was said and looking at how to incorporate these ideas into the disused sites and areas of the Northern Quarter. These comments along side the urban analysis of the area informed the development of the project.


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Paint you city event: "paint what you would like to see in the Northern Quarter"
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