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As a unit we exhibited our work at the Trafford, the overall feed back was positive and it was a successful event of sharing our work within wider society and the wider public, allowing our projects to progress to the next stage. Looking at the history of the Northern Quarter, understanding the development of the area in greater detail. From its heyday in the 18th Century and its important role within the city, to its gradual decline in the 1970's, and the regeneration of the in the late 90s, developing an area to live, work and play, becoming a vibrant area of the city center, being award the "Great Neighborhood Award" in 2010. This led to looking at what the future of the area will be, and ways to attract a diverse and wider age range of people into the area, making the Northern Quarter an inclusive area for everyone. Although the area has undergone successful regeneration from the 90s, there are still many abandoned buildings and disused routes around the area that appear run down and unsafe. Carrying out urban analysis of the whole area, identifying the currently major routes, nodes and landmarks of the area, and the diurnal usage and functions of the buildings. Highlighted the underused and disused sites and routes around the area, identifying the sites and routes to be developed in order to make the area safer and more welcoming for a more diverse range of people.


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