Attending the workshop on the Cultural Offer for Older People at the Valuing Older People Conference in November set the basis for this project. Exploring the Cultural Offer of Manchester City Centre, what is has to offer and how to involve a wider, diverse range of people in cultural activities. First looking at the city as a whole, then identifying the Northern Quarter as a culturally rich area of the city center, looking at ways of improving the area in order to include all ages, sharing the cultural offer with those who do not currently get involved. How we can share aspects of the Northern Quarter with the rest of the City, and ways to bring community arts groups in to the area. From visiting community arts groups, Gorton Visual Arts Group and St Luke's Art Project highlighted the benefits of arts and identified the lack of space and opportunity the groups have to display and exhibit their work. This led to the development of the idea that the Northern Quarter could become an open gallery displaying artwork from community groups around the area. An experimental painting event, "Express your Colour", was held on St Thomas Street in the Northern Quarter. Asking passers by the express what colour they were feeling in order to get the general public involved in art and painting, a positive response led to thinking about different ways making art more accessible to the general public and development of a future event.


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Mapping the 'cultural offer' in Manchester City Centre
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