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The first council conference, "Towards and age-friendly city", in October introduced us to various members of the council and the work that was currently being undertaken that relate to the projects of MSAp, and allowed us meet with those who might inform our future projects. The initial projects of the year allowed us to develop our architectural position within the unit. Critical readings and group projects allowed us to explore and develop our understanding of the architect's role within wider society and our community. Where the architect steps out of their formal traditional role, to find and develop projects working within the community, taking on a proactive role within society, these ideas and methods influenced the way we approached studio projects throughout the year, and are represented in the group videos. In the first week of the year the unit visited Portmerion, a small holiday village in North Wales, our project was to come up with a suitable intervention for the village, using video to represent our interpretation of the place.


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