My Review of the Year

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5th Year
Aged 24
Student Biography:

I moved to Manchester last September to complete Part 2 of the architecture degree, joining this unit has developed an interest in architecture focusing on community participation and the processes of design. I have a keen interest in the architect's role in disaster relief and reconstruction; this was the topic of my dissertation. Previously studying Part 1 at Sheffield University with a dual degree in Structural Engineering and Architecture, with a focus on understanding the practical benefits of closer integration between architects and engineers. Between, I worked in Leicester in a multi disciplinary practice as a structural engineer, and spent a few months in a small architectural firm in Cardiff working on listed and heritage buildings. Originally from Penarth, just outside Cardiff, I have always had a keen interest in the built environment and the social issues that are affected by buildings and environment around us, and a keen interest in understanding how the buildings structurally work and practically stand up. I run everyday to keep me sane and to get rid of excess energy!! I ran the Edinburgh marathon in 2010 and am currently training for a half marathon in London in September 2011.

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