My Review of the Year

The effect of being in two different studio units has allowed for two different approaches to architecture to be linked together, and has allowed a balance in between to be created that connects the two together. The views held in the material culture and the tasks completed have helped guide this year's project. The work covered in both the studio work and the dissertation gave insight in the difference in the term 'public' space, and began the initial design process in year 6. Bringing these ideas together in with the current studio unit's passion for societal inclusion allowed large aspects of year 5 work to merge into to this group's ethos. The theme of finding joy in the city, based on P.E. Birmingham's refiguring the city forms the idea of creating a spontaneous and vibrant city that is socially inclusive allows both studio unit's philosophies to be present, and created the platform for this years design. The process and experimentation with geometry in year 5 discovered the idea of scaleless forms, and this too has been brought into practice in my work in MSAp with the play in scale as a design theme that has been present throughout the whole year.


6th Year
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