My Review of the Year

My work this year explores an alternative strategic development to the Barton Renewable Energy Plant in Davyhulme, Manchester. The brief for the project developed in parallel with the BREP, which is currently under review by the Planning department. Since its conception, the BREP, a biomass incinerator, has been heavily contested by local residents who have had very little say in the design process and fear the detrimental health effects and social impact of the proposal. In opposition, the Breathe Clean Air Group was set up by local residents in order to campaign against the BREP and spread awareness of the social and environmental problems with the proposal. Using the BCAG's concerns and findings as a point of departure, I have developed a body of research which supports the design of a new waste recycling system. This is a system, developed on a pro-bono basis, which combines existing facilities and the mutually supportive processes of Anaerobic Digestion and constructed wetlands - processing organic waste and wastewater. This manifests itself architecturally as an ecological visitor attraction on a vast scale.


6th Year
Aged 25
Student Biography:
I began studying Architecture at Manchester in 2005, and have since developed an interest in the architecture of the everyday and the role of the architect in inspiring social transformation through engaging with the end user. I spent a year working in London on school projects and became more interested in learning environments and have continued to explore education as a means, alongside technology, of addressing current global issues. Originally from Gloucestershire, growing up in the countryside has certainly influenced my architectural position, whilst city life has broadened my interests which span electronic music, photography and sport. I have always played football and enjoy travelling, a passion which has taken me to Zambia, helping to build a school and from Paris to Munich on a bike.
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