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Name: Sam Clements
Age: 25



5th Year
Aged 24
My Overview: "Our Community"

Following the January sale my project took a different turn. I was in contact with the Manchester Roller Derby Group (Arcadians) who are based at the Arcadia Sports Center in Levenshulme, having met them at my initial interaction event. With the conservative party announcing cuts the future of the Arcadia was in doubt and the group intended to launch a management bid for the center. To go with this management bid a new proposal for the development and extension of the center was needed. Working with the Arcadians a series of meetings and workshops were held to establish the true desires of the users that focused on space planning and personal attachments. The ideas were expressed in models and through conversations. Research about the history of the centre was incorporated into the proposals and these proposals were explored with users. Proposals were then refined as the users started to think more spatially.

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