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Name: Ideas 10
Age: 49



5th Year
Aged 24
My Overview: "Knowing More"

The main project for the year is based on interactions with the public. MSAP held a workshop at the "Age Friendly City" conference in Manchester town hall. During a discussion about the importance of communities a comment was made about the existing strong community base in Levenshulme, South Manchester. This comment triggered an association with Levenshulme which was to be the location of an interaction event. Following research in the area two interaction events were held. The first was an "Ideas Box" that allowed people to express their desires for change in the area whether they considered them to be architectural or not. Secondly a ballot box was produced to allow people to vote on specific areas of concern and gain a consensus of priority. Activities that sought to establish territory in the area were also incorporated as a way of gaining an insight into how people felt about the ownership of their area. The results of these events were then expressed and further research and meetings with community members were arranged.

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