Pursuing Projects

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Name: Louise Pinfold
Age: 42



5th Year
Aged 24
My Overview: "Pursuing Projects"

The year began with a short field trip and a project based in Prortmeirion, Wales. The aim of this project was to produce an intervention within Portmerion in the style of Sir Clough Williams-Ellis. Following the interpretation of the site through diagrams and videos it was the prevalence of CCTV and 24hr surveillance in the village that was to become the focus of the project. A surveillance hut "hidden" in the existing fabric of Portmeirion was proposed that would use the large numbers of statues as potential cameras. The second project involved working in groups, looking at a range of sources (texts, artifacts and films) to help establish the position of the role of the architect. In particular I considered an essay by Elizabeth Grosz that looked at Plato and Aristotle and how their ideas fed into modern architectural discourse. Tow videos were then produced that helped to explain the role of the architect to the general public and building users.

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