Participant Detail

Name: Owen Gaynor
Age: 32

Owen is the most interested party of all. The project has taken place thanks to his involvment and support with providing interviews with his students.


5th Year
Aged 23
My Overview: "Big Society"

My final proposal for the Circus House is to install demountable scaffolding-based structures within the confines of a rented warehouse on an industrial estate in Ardwick. The aim of the scaffolding is to increase the activities possible within the warehouse and provide a stimulating, inspiring and dramatic space for teaching and performing. In addition, I am proposing ways in which the simple scaffold components might be disguised or covered to create further spatial changes to the warehouse. Working within the standard leasing terms, the transformative structures inside the building can be reconfigured to suit the changing needs of the circus school. Furthermore, they respond to the limited budget and uncertain nature of the circus work by being extremely affordable, standard components which can be expanded over time or removed entirely and easily transported to a new rental property or to a performance venue. Following my post-final review meeting with Owen Gaynor, Circus House has now formed as an official company and have decided to use my proposals to secure an Arts Council interview, at which I will present my ideas alongside their presentation of their business plan. They hope that an Arts Council grant, combined with personal financing will allow them to secure a rented building and install the scaffolding system as a framework for their circus school. They will also use my proposal drawings to secure the confidence of potential landlords who are currently dismissive of their notifications of interest and to inspire future performance collaborators.

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