Advocating Inclusion

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5th Year
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My Overview: "Advocating Inclusion"

Following my experimentation with play in Manchester, I researched the few official UK circus school venues, of which none are in the North of England. Combined with research into the history of the circus and the circus parade, I developed a strategy to establish a temporary circus which would represent circus in the North. This temporary circus could be negotiated through the familiar format of a bus route map, encouraging a much broader spectrum of people to engage with the circus and drumming up revenue in the process. However, this was more of an academic tangent to the real needs of the Circus Diaspora, so in order to more closely respond to their specific desires; I visited a site which Owen was considering for a more permanent base. Unfortunately the building was not suitable to the circus' needs, so a new circus had to be found. A new warehouse in Ardwick was suggested, so I built a 1:100 scale interactive model which I then took to several of Owen's current students as a stimulus for them expressing their ideas about their perfect circus, so that I could design an appropriate solution, beyond their immediate requirements. As part of our collective engagement with the community, MSA_p occupied an empty shop unit in the Trafford Centre for three days in January 2011. I used this as an opportunity to understand how the public perceive the circus and what they particularly respond to, so the Circus Diaspora's building could reflect this.

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