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5th Year
Aged 23
My Overview: "Pursuing Projects"

At the start of the year, a unit trip to Portmeirion in Wales and a week of film making in Manchester established a working method which was more focussed on process and affecting the viewer than traditional "architectural" outputs. The first exercise was to propose an addition to the relentlessly cheerful cliff-side town of Portmeirion, to make it more attractive whilst being appropriate to the intentions of the now deceased architect, Clough William-Ellis. In response to the sinister gothic features dispersed around the site and my observations about the conflict between the buildings of Portmeirion and the rocks, my film explored the frustrating inaccessibility of the beach and the potential for a deep dark secret hidden in the cliffs. Following on from this, my proposal was to create a series of caves inside the rock-face, accessible from the beach and from the top of the cliff. The study of Manchester combined films by Jørgen Leth and Jeff Zimbalist with excerpts from texts by Manuel DaLanda and Manfredo Tafuri. The film therefore explored the effects of social consumerism on perceptions of architecture.

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