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Name: ?
Age: 68

A lady disagreed with my proposal as she was concerned there was not enough grass, she thought the raised platform would be a hazard for young children.


5th Year
Aged 24
My Overview: "Big Society"

Feedback from the Trafford centre event led me to investigate the theme of garden. Firstly the Renaissance gardens- a garden of formality, symmetry and geometric shape. Secondly the Picturesque Garden. A garden of wildness and a dominance of nature over man and a theatre where the landscape provides entertainment for visitors. It provided elevated points in which the visitor could watch the garden being animated by everyday life. I created five character areas taking precedent from the Renaissance Garden creating a range of activities: Seating: A space where people can stop and enjoy the space. Event Space: I felt it was important to design a space that can be used and changed throughout the year. Shelter: A sheltered alley in the style of the Renaissance. This shelter will provide seating that can be used throughout the winter and a chance for the cafes to spill out into the space. Orchard area : Consisting of mature trees, grass and seating this adds green to the space strengthening the concept of garden. Raised Garden: Situated above Tadao Ando's pavilion. Here the picturesque takes hold of the space. Plants are allowed to take hold of the elaborate railings engulfing the pavilion in green. Revisiting the Valuing Older People Team with my design allowed me to explain my concept and receive helpful feedback. Revisiting the user throughout the design process links with both the unit agenda and my dissertation, it also brought to the forefront the difficulties in successfully communicating your design.

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