Advocating Inclusion

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Name: ?
Age: 30

Comment from visitor book: Fantastic approaches to design and space. Really exciting


5th Year
Aged 24
My Overview: "Advocating Inclusion"

In order to promote a way of working that involves feedback throughout the design process we organised a three day pop up exhibition in the Trafford Centre titled "January Sale." This was a chance to get more people involved in architecture and their city. It was a chance to take architecture out of the studio and promote the work undertaken by MSAp. It also gave the unit a chance to meet the people that will be affected by our designs of all ages, backgrounds and occupations in an informal situation. Over the three days I was intrigued by the stories told of the history of Piccadilly Gardens from a range of visitors that remember the space before its redevelopment in 2002 and received valuable feedback on my concept of "Greening Piccadilly Gardens". Understandably people are affected by a space differently, in this case many people remembered the beautifully manicured gardens but few remembered the trouble that occurred. I realised that the main problem was that people when referring to the word ‘garden’ were finding it hard to relate it to the current design. This led me to investigate two types of garden. This exhibition was also a brilliant experience in terms of organising and advertising an event as well as talking about my project to a range of different audiences.

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