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Name: ?
Age: 65

This lady described how she avoided walking through the gardens and would walk around the edge which was a more direct route to Market Street, if she was with her husband she would feel safer.


5th Year
Aged 24
My Overview: "Knowing More"

My main project originated from a workshop held by the Valuing Older People team at Manchester's Town Hall. A comment was made about the inaccessibility of Piccadilly Gardens and how the old, sunken gardens were more desirable. To discover if this opinion was held by many I undertook a series of events to record people's comments and understand how and why they were affected by the space. Firstly I created a postcard asking people what they liked and what they would change in Piccadilly Gardens, this was relatively successful but people needed a lot of prompting. Secondly I showed people a series of images and asked them which they liked and disliked. This was more successful and the comments made were more useful. Thirdly I wanted to establish the public's view of Piccadilly Gardens after dark. I asked a series of people where they felt safe in Piccadilly Gardens these results were then plotted on a site plan to highlight safe zones and problem areas. By engaging with the people that will be affected by the project it helped to create a concept that was not distant from the real problem and helped to form a more established brief.

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