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From conversations with interested parties and the positive feedback from the January Sale, I began drafting proposals to fulfil the desires of the different users of the circus. Beginning with analysis of the existing building, I translated the verbal comments of each group into architectural forms which I could then adapt the building to respond to. Working originally in short section, it became apparent that for the circus to be profitable, more than one user group must use the space at one time. I therefore moved to working in long section in order to experiment with the building as a whole. Rather than suggest minor alterations to the building envelope, I moved towards more hypothetical adaptations to the entire space and built form, to understand what combination of spaces would be most effective. By drawing and re-compiling the long section of the existing warehouse, it became apparent that there is could be no single optimal solution for the circus warehouse; instead, an adaptable, demountable internal structure would allow them to change their environment according to their changing needs. Influenced by some precedents of adaptable architecture, the scaffolding typology became relevant to my project, so I began experimenting with the possibilities of standard components, readily available. I filmed my experimentation with scaffolding and priced my outcomes to understand their viability.


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This year's project was established following and introduction to Owen Gaynor, a circus skills instructor who runs a mobile community circus skills company, in need of a more permanent home. Through experimentation with play in the city and research into the situation of UK circus troupes, I proposed that the circus could exist both permanently and as a portable typology around the city. In order to encourage the students of the Circus Diaspora to spatially outline their perfect circus, I built a 1:100 scale model and took it to several of Owen's classes. Using their contributions, I drafted proposals for the ultimate Manchester circus, yet through several phases of re-drawing it became apparent that there is could be no single solution. Instead an adaptable, demountable, structure within an existing building would allow them to efficiently change their space according to their needs. I therefore proposed to install demountable scaffolding-based structures within the confines of a rented warehouse on an industrial estate in Ardwick. The scaffolding allows inexpensive modifications to space which provide a stimulating, inspiring and dramatic space for teaching and performing. Following my most recent meeting with and the members of the Circus House, the troupe have decided to use my proposals to secure an Arts Council interview, in order that the Circus House may receive the financial support they require to occupy a permanent home.

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