Advocating Inclusion

Up till the Christmas break research continued into Levenshulme aided by meetings that sought to further establish the desires of multiple residents and used groups and asses the viability of potential projects. At this stage accessibility of the train station was the primary concern of the project. Be it physical, mental or visual, the existing train station can only be accessed via 27 steps, it is hidden away from the main road and is not clearly signposted. Local artists expressed a desire to develop a commuter gallery that would share Levenshulme with the city and the city with Levenshulme. After Christmas an event called the January sale was held at Trafford Centre to share the range of projects with a wider audience and help to develop them. The event brought architecture to the forefront, presenting it to people that might not usually encounter it or feel as they are allowed to comment on it. The event established multiple desires through discussion and interaction.


5th Year
Aged 24
My Review of the Year

Following the "Age Friendly City" conference in November I defined Levenshulme as a site of interest with an existing community base that is active in retaining and improving their Urban Environment. Levenshulme is not an area of the city that is subject to a great deal of investment and over the course of the year in the wake of the City Council cuts, the closure of Levenshulme Baths and the potential closure of the Arcadia has been announced. The friends of Levenshulme community group worked to successfully prevent the close of the Baths and the Manchester Roller Hockey group and Roller Derby group are proposing to take over the management of the Arcadia Sports Centre. Over the past 6 months I have worked with the groups to produce a scheme that will provide a phased extension of the Arcadia therefore allowing for the community to expand and improve the facility with minimal closures to the centre. The scheme seeks to provide a focal point for Levenshulme and export Levenshulme to the city as well as integrating the city with Levenshulme through an accessible train station and improving place identity.

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