Manchester School of Architecture Projects group (MSAp) was set up in 2005 to develop architectural projects with a life outside of the school.

Since then we have collaborated with the Manchester Museum of Science and Industry, Manchester City Council Joint Health Unit and numerous Manchester community groups and individuals. We take a critical position on the nature of architectural practice in the age of sustainability, working to understand how architects and architectural education should respond to global demands for urgent changes to our ways of living and our ways of living together.

Our approach is to develop architectural projects, not only processes or products. Through a series of creative and collaborative workshops involving a diverse range of invitees, (both within and outside the school, tutor-led and student-led) we have explored how we can imagine, design and influence the future of the city as a place shared between people of all ages, attitudes and occupations. We have investigated how these unusual meetings and encounters affect us and our practices and have used these experiences to develop our architectural abilities in unexpected situations, collaborations and projects. We use conventional and unconventional methods of drawing, model making, participatory research, film-making, presenting and performance to explore our subject and extend the capabilities of architecture.

We hope that these projects and collaborations will influence the future of Manchester through informing discussions about services, planning and urban design. We were invited to present the project to representatives from the Cabinet Office in July and chair a panel on inclusive urban design at an international conference provisionally entitled 'Towards the Ageless City' in November 2010.

If you have any comments or ideas for next year's projects please contact Stefan White.

MSAprojects has had visiting tutor contributions from Philip Hall-Patch of Nicholas Hare Architects and Jochen Rabe of Arup. MSAprojects is led by Helen Aston and Stefan White at MSA.

Thank you to Manchester City
Council's Joint Health Unit and all

401 Participants